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Hannah Montana Part 4

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REALLY hannah are you for real in the lake where every one of your ex can see you and they can say anything about you well let me tell you something else you got problems.

Dios mio lindo CARAJO now your best friend how could your bitch ass can do this to your boyfriends well ex and who ever is your boyfriend now i really really feel sorry for him because probably he don't know what kind of whore you is well probably he does know because the reputation you got for being a whore and good luck bf #14

WOW now letting your self enjoy of who know who wow you really are a bitch and no one can change that because you all ready got the reputation of being a slut and a lesbian so if i where you i wouldn't even try to being cool with every one that hates you. and you know you are not better then demi lavato or selena gomez so if i where you i would stop truing to act like them you slutty bitch selena and demi want to be. and thats why now you been having problems with most of your friends but not really with the boys because you ust fuck with them so they would still be your friend.you back stabing hoe ust like you mother and about to be your little sister too.

Hannah Montana Part 3

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WOW switching boyfriends that fast Hannah Montana you so need to calm your little hormones because sooner or later you going to get pregnet and you are not even going to who is it boyfriend number 1 or boyfriend till 13 well all i got to say to you is you are such a slutty little bitch who trying to get everybody attention by being a bitch. so girl calm down i know there are a lot of cute boys in the world but danqq calm the fuck down

Hannah Montana Part2

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From a little angle she became a slutty bitch what a big difference her mom and dad where so proud of her but now what she becoming
a bitch and also a lesbian? here some pictures for you to know how this little girl became from being an angel to a lesbian bitch.

Why is Hannah Montana such a bitch

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WOW Hannah Montana real name Miley Cyres she turned out to be a putA... sending pictures of her naked to all around the world cant she think her nasty self i feel sorry for all the mother's that belive Hannah montana is a angel but behind the camaras this is the real her a sluty bitch who can faind nothing to do besides send pictures of her half naked to her 13 boyfriends.